Rest In Peace Ramon Dekkers – Stephen Quadros


Photo Credit: Golden Glory


By: Stephen Quadros

The devastating impact of the loss on Wednesday of Thaiboxing king Ramon “Diamond” Dekkers September 4, 1969 – February 27, 2013 cannot be overstated. I tried to put it in perspective yesterday when I did an interview with Brigitte Truong of Fight Now TV. She asked me to describe to fans that were not familiar with Ramon, who he was. I said he was the modern day fighting equivalent of Mas Oyama, Helio Gracie, Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali. He wasn’t just a Dutch icon, he was a worldwide ambassador for Thaiboxing, kickboxing and sportsmanship in general, loved and respected everywhere he traveled. Case in point: he became so popular in Thailand that he no longer needed a passport to enter the country to compete with their finest warriors.

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