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MMA Returns to Sarnia Ontario

Professional Fighting Series(SARNIA, ONTARIO) – The wait is finally over for the city’s MMA fans, as Avant Guard Productions is proud to be bringing back professional MMA back to the City of Sarnia. On June 14th, White Plains Auto body Presents Pro Fighting Series 3 will be live at the Sarnia Arena on 134 Brock Street. As the first two events showed, the people of Sarnia are proud supporters of the sports of Mixed Martial Arts.

The event will be headlined by one of the country’s top fighters as Jesse ‘The Ghost’ Gross is looking to put together another highlight reel performance in his return to Sarnia. In addition to local favourite Gross, the event will feature some of Sarnia’s most talented athletes as Joel Paquette, Marcello Solinas, Woodrow James and Bobbi Jo Dalziel are scheduled to compete.

In addition to the city’s best, the event will feature some of the best that Ontario has to offer as Devin Murray, Oliver Vadnais, Bryan Jordan, Blake Nash, Dave Hale and Neelan Hordatt are all scheduled to fight. With some of the provinces most exciting fighters, Pro Fighting Series 3 is another event you don’t want to miss. The only way to watch the event will be live in the arena, so this is something you don’t want to miss out.

To celebrate the beginning of summer, tickets for the event will be available starting at $38 with all taxes and fees included. If you are inclined to get up close to the action, a limited supply of VIP tickets will be available. Tickets are available Friday May 9 at 10:30am at all Harvey’s Sarnia Location and at Fuel Factory on Murphy Road. Also, you may purchase tickets through the fighters competing at the event to help support them personally.

With over ten (10) fights with non-stop action, expect edge of seat action at the White Plains Autobody Presents Pro Fighting Series 3 and a night all fight fans will enjoy.

Where are the Ontario MMA fans?

Theodorou and Mokdad Score Fighting Series - Hamilton Ontario

In Ontario up until a couple years ago professional combat sports (excluding boxing) like Mixed Martial arts was considered illegal.  Fans and athletes of the arts all banded together and made their voice heard to legislature to get the sport legitimized.   We are here a couple years later and professional fighters are still finding it very tougher to get themselves a fight in Ontario. Why?  Some say it is all the red tape and expensive licensing that the Ontario Athletic Association requires.  This I believe is turning would be promoters away from hosting events.  Some insiders have been heard saying that is just the way the athletic commission wants it.

All that being said.  I have a question where are all the fans?   We had thousands have their voices heard by parliament and get the new sport sanctioned by Ontario Athletic commission.  However we still can’t seem to pack any show outside of the UFC’s inaugural event in Ontario where fifty five thousand fans packed the Roger Centre.

Since this time The Cage Report has been fortunate enough to cover a number of the regional shows up and down the 401 highway from Windsor to Ottawa and passing over into Montreal.  We have witnessed various attendance numbers but never have really seen a really packed house.  In my hometown I have covered large events from the Edmonton based Maximum Fighting Championships (MFC) to smaller homegrown events such as Professional Fighting Championships and more recently a couple of larger Bellator shows.  The shows that were held at the Caesars Windsor appeared to have good attendance however, sources from inside the venue have told us that most of fans at the shows were given complimentary tickets.  Why is this? Where are all you fans? You really mean we cannot get a few thousand fans to pack in a venue like the Hamilton Theatre or the Coliseum at Caesars Windsor.  The UFC has been saying for years that Canada is one of its greatest markets and Canadian fans can be found at events “all over the world,” according to Dana White.  Really?

Last month it was released that the Score Fighting Series here in Ontario would no longer be.  This was wasn’t not because of lack of interest or furthermore lack of quality fighters.  All the players at SFS, Brendan, Alex, Woodrow have been putting on great shows for the fans here in Ontario for the past couple of years and recently the  Score’s on air personality and MMA fighter/pundit/announcer all over all jack of all MMA Robin Black summed it all up on another Canadian Website/blog Top MMA News “that 100 million dollar company was cool with letting a couple people make this “dumb fighting stuff” if it cost them nothing and got them free TV, but the billion dollar company can’t be bothered”.  This is unfortunate for top fighters such as Chris Horodecki, Josh Hill, John Fraser, Elias Theodorou, Will Romero, Jesse Ronson (the list can go on) a local stage to show their talent and also finds their dream to be on the big stage that much harder to achieve.

The Score fighting Series was great in creating a stepping stone for fighters such as Jordan Mein, and Chris Clements in getting them the right fights and got them onto the bigger stage with Strikeforce and the UFC respectively.  Would the suits at Rogers/ Sportsnet have any interest in this home grown sport content on their channel if it was turning profits with ad revenue and butts in the seats?  The buzz was there but the fans were not.

It’s also been reported that WRECK MMA is making another go at it here in Ontario.  Hopefully this promotion can hang on and make themselves the new home for these up and comers.

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