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Kobe’s Korner – Cage Report Edition

Aldo releases statement, pulls out of title fight

After some encouraging news that it was only a bruised rib, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo officially pulled out of UFC 189, which will take place on July 11th in Las Vegas, after releasing x-rays to prove his injury is in fact a broken rib.

aldo1Aldo also released a statement bashing his would-be opponent McGregor and somewhat mocking the interim title now up for grabs.

Check out the full statement, released by Aldo, below:

For three months, I trained three times a day. I invested my time and money, bringing training partners from Brazil and other countries, to do the best training camp of my life so I would be ready to defend by belt for the eighth time on July 11. Unfortunately, I fractured my rib during a training session, which I can prove from an official medical report, and besides trying my best to fight, I was forced the other way and that made me really sad. Only I, my family, coaches and teammates know how hard I worked to represent Brazil again.

My decision was made in respect to the UFC and the fans that today see me as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. I couldn’t fight without being 100 percent physically and with a rib injury that could get worse if I got hit in the ribs. Many people told me to fight anyway because of the money I could make, but I wouldn’t sell myself for any money, no matter how much. I fight for love and I do it for my country. Money comes in second place, it’s like a shadow: when you try catching it, you can’t, but when you move forward, it follows you. Money ends some day, but legacy and things you do becomes part of the history, and that’s what I value the most.

I’m the UFC champion since April 2011, defended my belt seven times in four years, and will do it for the eighth time in 2015, an average of twice a year. And I’m not even mentioning WEC, a Zuffa-owned company, like the UFC, where I became the champion in 2009 and put my belt on the line twice in less than a year. That why I can’t agree with UFC’s decision to have an interim champion in my division citing the five opportunities that I couldn’t defend my belt.

If those fights had occurred, I would have done 12 title fights in four years in the UFC, an average of three fights a year, something that no other UFC champion did. A UFC champion rarely does three title defenses in one year. So that can’t be the main reason why they are creating an interim title, but the UFC is a private company which I work for, so I can’t complain about its decision, but I can’t say I agree either.

As of my opponent, who told me to step up and fight like a man, I can’t say anything about a man that imitates a TV series character (Travis Fimmel, from Vikings). That’s really who he wanted to be, because he’s probably ashamed of being who he really is, so he imitates his lines, his style and this actor’s tattoos. He’s an artist, but not from martial arts, but cheap comedy. It’s disrespectful with the actor, and with real athletes. He should look for a stage and not an Octagon. The Octagon is my kingdom and there’s place for only one king, which is me. If he wants to participate, he can be the joker he already is.

If he beats Chad Mendes, the only thing he will have is a toy belt to show his friends, drunk in his country’s bars, because that’s what an interim belt represents to me: a toy. I am the champion.

McGregor will now face Chad Mendes for the interim title.

Despite injury, Aldo confirms he will defend title at UFC 189


The fight between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, scheduled for July 11 in Las Vegas, will happen. According to the UFC, Jose Aldo did not suffer a broken rib. Following more tests, the featherweight champion showed only a bruise on the bone and a cartilage injury from the blow suffered in training.
Therefore, Aldo himself expressed a desire to meet McGregor at UFC 189. But in any case, the organization had announced a plan B. Chad Mendes will face McGregor for the interim belt category if Aldo is not fit to compete.


One on One with Kyle Prepolec


Photo Credit @jeffkovack

Recently the Cage Report was able to sit down with Kyle Prepolec (7-3-0) for a few minutes at Maximum Training Centre in Windsor Ontario.   Kyle in has fought twice in the Bellator Cage and now looking for that opportunity to fulfill his dreams and fight in the MMA’s Top Promotion the UFC.   With his knock out power and submission skills we could definitely see him up there with the likes Dave Beneteau, and Randa Markos (both from Windsor) to make it to the UFC.

Kyle last fought this past March in PFC 2 in London Ontario where  took a Unanimous decision victory over a very aggressive fighter Keven Morin.   Coming up, this October he is scheduled to take on a Veteran of the Sport and quite possibly could be the turning point of his Career.


TCR – What has Kyle been up to for the past couple of months since your fight against Keven Morin?

KP  – Well I’ve been really busy with work and training that’s all I’ve been doing for the last little while now,  and now is time to get ready for the next pfc event an put on another good show.

TCR – We understand that you have a fight coming up in October 18th in London Ontario on the PFC Charity Card.    Tell me about this Card and what it means to you that you are fighting close to home and doing it to help  Knock out Kidney Disease?

KP – It’s always great fighting close to home not just for myself but also great for all the fans who love Mma an support us athletes. An fighting on this card for a great cause is just extra motivation an I think for all of us apart of this pfc card can agree that we all are going to do everything it takes to make this the best event yet.

TCR – Your fighting Tony Hervey (16-18),  Tony has been around the game for a while now with a 16-18 record.   How do you look at taking on a Veteran with this many fights?

KP –  Fighting a veteran like Tony Hervey is a great opportunity for myself to get myself to the next level an to learn an gather that experience in fighting someone like him. The way I see this is very exciting and I can’t wait for the challenge.

TCR –  What do you think of Tony.  He definitely has holes in his game like any fighter. But where do you see this fighting going to?

KP – In this fight this fight can go all over the place from standing to the ground to back to standing it’s going to be exciting.

TCR – The could appear to be fight of the night written all over it.  Cant wait to see this one go down.

TCR –  With a Win against Tony  I feel this would give you some leverage into getting to some bigger shows.

KP –  A win against tony Hervey will definitely get me out there a lot more an help me achieve the goals that I want in my fighting career.

TCR – With Mixed Martial arts in Ontario booming say two years ago with promotions like Bellator, Maximum Fighting Championships, Source Fighting Series,  all holding shows here in Ontario.  Has it been frustrating trying to get fights to keep you active lately?

KP – Umm trying to get fights hasn’t been to difficult from what I know of we have a great team an everything,  so they know how to get things done.

TCR – We understand that one of your Team mates  Randa Markos has made the jump to the UFC and is currently on the The Ultimate fighter 20 – ALL GIRLS show.   That has to be pretty exciting?

KP – Randa I am proud of her for going after it an getting it done.  Good for her on her accomplishments she’s a hard worker and one tough girl.  I am proud of her.

TCR – So Kyle outside of kicking peoples asses.  What is it you do to pay the bills, hobby, or fun you know something that the reader doesn’t know about Kyle Prepolec.

KP – So aside from fighting and training all the time my work life at Prepolec construction we do full home renovations full interior an exterior work.  Other then that play whatever sports to stay active hangout with friends,  Family,  live life like everyone else you know.

TCR  – Any Special Shout outs, Sponsors, or Training Partner you want to recognize.  Or this is your opportunity to put someone on blast.

KP – My special shoutout goes to my sponsors Fear the Fighter Energy Drink, Boston Pizza, L.I.U.N.A.,  Street Solider, and Takedown Distribution.   Everyone at Maximum Training  Centre (MTC – WINDSOR) from all the coaches an all the teammates everyone is there it’s all one big family. We are all brothers an sisters an we are all apart of something great.

Well thank you Kyle for taking the time take away from your training to speak with us and from everyone here at  The Cage Report we are wishing you the best of luck October 18th,  in London Ontario at the PFC event and Knocking out Kidney Disease.

Bellator 119: Photo Galleries


Bellator 119 went down on Friday May 9th 2014 at the popular Casino Rama, in Rama Ontario Canada. Its been almost 18 months since Bellator has made a visit to Canada, and they packed the card with some big names and local talent.




Preliminary Card

Bellator119_ChrisKelades_vs_MalcolmGordon-11 Chris Kelades vs Malcolm Gordon
Bellator119_JasonMeisel_vs_RemyBussieres-17 Jason Meisel vs Remy Bussieres

Bellator119_BrianRogers_vs_AdrianMiles-17 Brian Rogers vs Adrian Miles

Bellator119_ChrisHorodecki_vs_MarlonSandro-26 Chris Horodecki vs Marlon Sandro

Bellator119_StuartAustin_vs_CraigHudson-13 Stuart Austin vs Craig Hudson


Main Card

Bellator119_NickRossborough_vs_RaphaelButler-4 Nick Rossborough vs Raphael Butler

Bellator119_MariusZaromskis_vs_VaughnAnderson-31 Marius Zaromskis vs Vaughn Anderson

Bellator119_EricWisely_vs_JohnAlessio-7 Eric Wisely vs John Alessio

Bellator119_DanielWeichel_vs_DesmondGreen-13 Daniel Weichel vs Desmond Green

Results can be seen here: Weichel submits Green for Featherweight Championship – Bellator 119 Quick Results

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